Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment

Tarry House, Inc.

Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment Services

Service Description and Required Components

Tarry House, Inc. Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment Services (CPST) consist of mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation, recovery and support services necessary to assist adults (age 18 and older) in achieving recovery goals. CPST is a service comprised of individualized mental health activities which are delivered in a variety of locations based upon the natural environment(s) of the individual, i.e., home and community locations.  This is an intensive community rehabilitation service provided by a team of mental health professionals, (CPST Team) that provides treatment and restorative interventions to: assist individuals to gain access to necessary and appropriate services; reduce psychiatric and addiction symptoms; and develop optimal community daily living skills including but not limited to budgeting, meal planning, personal care, home maintenance, and other identified needs. The CPST service will vary with respect to hours, type, and intensity, depending on the changing service needs of each individual. The service shall continue to be provided to the extent that the individual’s symptoms of mental illness continue to negatively impact his/her ability to function without mental health intervention.