Tarry House Respite Program

respiteServices Description

The Tarry House, Inc. Respite Program is a short-term transitional service providing living quarters and/or support to Summit County residents with mental illness currently living in the community and at risk of becoming homeless. This service also provides family respite, freeing family members or significant others from care-giving responsibilities for limited time periods to attend to other family or personal matters. In addition, the program is open to persons who are in state psychiatric hospitals ready for discharge and need a short-term living arrangement. The Respite program can serve up to twelve(12) persons at any given time, providing services that are in a social/recreational in setting. The philosophical basis guiding the provision of these services is that consumers benefit from activities that provide opportunities for socialization and the development of leisure skills.

respite_BReferral Process

Summit County residents with mental illness are eligible for up to a 13-day stay at the Tarry House Respite Program. Agencies, families, caregivers or the person themselves can access this service by completing the Tarry House Respite program referral form located at public mental health organizations and faxing the referral to Tarry House Respite at 330-645-9602